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Hi! I'm Melissa.
For many years I raised a daughter with extreme anxiety and OCD. For her, each day was filled with pain and struggle, while my days were spent completely focused on keeping her safe and well. At the start of 2020, she entered a residential treatment program and found the help she needed while back at home I was faced with taking a long hard look at myself. 

I was stressed out, in debt, overweight, and struggling to find peace and joy in my life.  By identifying the things in my life that were holding me back from living my best life and using the right tools to set goals and create a life plan, I was able to rebalance my life. Today I am closing in on my weight loss goal, out of debt, and enjoying life!

Do you spend so much time caring for others that you don't even know who you are any more?  If I were to ask you what you do for fun, could you tell me? Or, would you just look at me blankly and struggle for an answer? I know that feeling! I can help. It is possible to care for others while also caring for yourself. Together we can look at the most important areas in your life - from finances to your health to your career and more. I can help you balance your priorities by setting goals and action steps while creating a life you truly love!

A coaching program with Melissa is for you!

When you sign up for life coaching with me, you'll work weekly with me to turn your dreams into achievable goals – then I will support you in pursuing those goals with enthusiasm. Together, we’ll focus on ways to reach your career ambitions, personal goals, and lifestyle objectives. I will share ideas, unlock new paths, and celebrate your wins. But most importantly, I will hold you accountable for making progress in every area of your life.

In fact, one of my most important tasks will be to inspire you to keep going.

If you took inventory of your life today, you’d discover that every circumstance, challenge, opportunity, and achievement you experience fits into 7 major categories: 

  1. Your Fitness & Physical Health
  2. Your Finances & Debt-Free Lifestyle
  3. Your Family Relationships
  4. Your Field, Career & Calling
  5. Your Faith in God & Daily Walk
  6. Your Friends & Network
  7. Your Fun Time & Bucket List

Focusing on improving in each of these areas will get you to your dream life faster than almost any other way. 

All it takes to create amazing outcomes are two things: (1) the desire for change and (2) the support of a professional coach dedicated to helping you make it happen. I will be there—week after week—to keep you moving forward toward your goals.

Digital Courses with 1:1 Live Coaching

$997 - 10 Weeks of Digitally Delivered Content AND Weekly 1:1 Coaching

Over 10 intensive weeks, you could begin to work on achieving outcomes like these:

  • Eliminate the crushing weight of debt
  • Change careers and begin living your right livelihood
  • Resolve toxic family situations
  • Uplevel your circle of friends and enjoy quality time
  • Add fun to your life with “bucket list” adventures
  • Retire early and pursue an “encore” vocation you love
  • Get healthy, lose excess weight & focus on self-care
  • Start a charity or help causes you believe in
  • Create the income to stay at home with your kids
  • Grow spiritually and discover your faith walk again

$297 - 3 Weeks of Digitally Delivered Content AND Weekly 1:1 Coaching

The 3-week OOLA Quick-Start Program is the beginning of big changes. Through this program, Melissa, as your Oola Coach, will help you: 

  • Determine specific action steps to help you achieve your goals
  • Help you sort through opportunities that arise from your forward momentum
  • Keep you focused on your top priorities while fitting in daily tasks
  • Achieve balance in your life while still accomplishing your lifestyle or career goals 

$297 - 3 Weeks of Digitally Delivered Content AND Weekly 1:1 Coaching

Imagine being out of debt. Your credit card balances. Car payment. Student loans. Even your mortgage . . . gone forever. 

How would that change your life? You would be free of financial stress . . . have more options for your career and your future . . . easily pay your bills . . . and, without all the fighting about money, you’d probably enjoy a better relationship, too.

Is this kind of financial peace of mind actually possible? Yes! In fact, when you work with Coach Melissa, who is specially trained in bringing balance to your personal finances, you’ll develop a path to financial well-being that’s simple, effective, and achievable.

Self-Paced Digital Courses by Oola
Live 1:1 coaching can be added to any of these courses

As low as $47/mo

A Year of Transformation Using the Oola Lifestyle Framework:
  • A proven step-by-step personal development system that helps individuals create a life of balance, growth, and purpose
  • Convenient digital platform
  • Customized coaching content personalized to YOU and your needs
  • Goal-setting made easy, interactive, and fun
  • Delivered at a pace that's easy to understand, simple to apply, and quick to see results

$197 Body Positive Weight Management Program

Oola Body by Design Positive Weight Management Course: Feel lean, strong, self-confident and healthy without dieting ever again. Oola Body by Design is a 7-week positive weight management course led by Coach Krystal Nielson. This fully customized step-by-step macro based program to get you fast and lasting fitness results and you will never feel like you are dieting ever again.

This is self-paced 100% digital program. You may add 1:1 coaching for an even more customized experience.

$197 Financial Wellness with Oola

Imagine having control of your finances. Gain security as you watch your investments grow.  All while giving yourself permission to have some fun spending along the way. 

In fact, the Oola Green Gap course is specifically created to bring balance to your personal finances. You’ll develop a path to financial well-being that’s simple, effective and achievable. Plus, with the Oola Green Gap, it's not only just about ridding your life of debt and investing for your future, but having fun along the way is built right in.

Additional Coaching Opportunities

$397 - (4) 60-minute private coaching sessions

As your personal coach, Melissa will schedule (4) 60-minute private coaching session to help you get results from the strategies you learned after completing one of the coaching programs. 

During each coaching session, you’ll work on establishing new and important habits and behaviors to reinforce your success.  Not only that, but you’ll also work with Melissa to plan those tasks needed to move forward on your goals.  We can work together on life balance, focus on nutrition coaching, or BOTH!

Plus, Melissa will guide you, keep you on track, and keep you accountable as you’re making important changes in your life. 

To set up 1:1 coaching, contact Melissa by clicking on the image above.

Program Launching Soon!

Whether you're looking for accountability after completing one of the coaching programs or if you're looking to join a group to augment your eLearning platform, group coaching is for you!

Group coaching provides added accountability and support in a small group format. Group coaching offers great accountability at a lower cost.

Program Launching SOON!

If you are ready to FINALLY hop off of the traditional dieting roller coaster and lose the weight for good, Bee Well Revolution is here for you! I create sustainable and easy to follow custom plans that will help you drop the fat without restrictive fad diets and strenuous workouts. Schedule a FREE exploratory call to see how we can work together.

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