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Hi, I'm Melissa...
My breakthrough moment came as my youngest daughter prepared to graduate and leave home.  It was in facing the inevitable "empty nest" that I realized everything in my life was out of balance. I had spent years raising a special needs child and had completely ignored myself and my wellness. 

Now that my job as caregiver was slowing down (cause it never ends... right?!), I realized I had major work to do on myself. I faced a HUGE hurdle and I knew I desperately needed change.  My health had declined,  I had no deep friendships, my finances were stretched, my marriage was running on empty, and my weight ballooned by more than a hundred pounds over my healthy weight!! 
Today I'm eighty pounds lighter (and counting), enjoying time with friends, almost completely out of debt, and really enjoying my life. I have the energy to work on relationships and hobbies, and when my daughters need me, I can be there for them with peace and clarity. I'm even dating my husband again and we have a nightly Bible study - things we could only dream of doing a couple of years ago! 

So, what changed? I am still a super busy wife, entrepreneur, and caregiver. In fact, I now help care for multiple generations.  What helped me  find peace, balance, and the road to good health even in the midst of a crazy busy life? It was a process. The process started with a difficult examination of exactly where I was in life, followed by S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting, and an action plan - all with accountability and coaching.  And one by one, I exchanged unhealthy habits for habits of health and wellness.

Through this process, I have discovered my passion; helping overwhelmed and overstressed midlife women find their balance and rediscover their happy, healthy self. There are so many great tools and resources available, and I want to share them with you. I want to be your partner and encourage you as we journey together towards good health and lifelong wellness!

I am passionate about helping women reclaim their
health & wellness in the midst of a crazy busy life!
Do you look back through family photos and realize you aren't in them because you hated how you looked?
Are you worried that you could face the same health issues as your parents 
and grandparents and you want desperately to change your odds?
Does your metabolism seem to be slowing down and weight loss feels impossible?
Have you tried everything to lose weight before only to give up and gain even more back again?
Are you confused at the sheer number of dieting strategies out there today?

I want to partner with you and share the healthy habits I have discovered to lose weight and 
regain my health even after 50 and a hysterectomy all while enjoying my crazy, busy life!

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