On this page, you'll find a list of my favorite complementary wellness products for ALL areas of life. You'll often find me talking about them on my blog, in emails and on social. These are all items I use regularly and highly recommend. I know you will love them too.  Scroll down to check out all my must-haves!

Oola Total Rebalancing System
Everything you need to live your best life...your Oola Life!
The Oola Total Rebalancing System is our most comprehensive rebalancing system. You get all our unmatched mind and body products to fully rebalance your mind and body from the top down and inside out. But it doesn't stop there. You'll get FREE access to our Oola Lifestyle Framework! This revolutionary digital coaching program includes a lifestyle assessment to detect imbalances in the 7 key areas of life and formulates a personalized monthly step-by-step rebalancing plan based on your results. To take it to the next level, you can opt to include an Oola Certified Coach to guide you through your rebalancing journey!

Juice Plus+
Plant based nutrition
Making healthy decisions can be a struggle. What we should eat and what we actually eat don’t always line up. Juice Plus+ helps you add what’s missing from your diet with plant-based nutrition. They offer capsules, gummies, shakes, and more.

Tower Garden
Aeroponic gardening
Good health starts with good habits, like eating wholesome foods. Tower Garden systems let you easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food without soil.  I have three of these towers and would never want to be without them.

quality affordable essential oils
I use these high quality, affordable oils every day.  Free Shipping, no fillers, cruelty free, sustainably sourced and bottled in the USA. New customers get 10% off their first order (or 15% off if they spend more than $100USD) with coupon code: BEEWELL10.

Oola Shot
smart energy
The Oola Shot delivers an all-natural brain and body boost to help you stay clear and focused. This proprietary formula is the balanced blend of nutrients your body and brain need to work towards crushing your goals. It's not just energy - it's Smart Energy!

Rise AM Gummy
Mental alertness, focus, and healthy energy levels

RISE is a multi-benefit thermogenic gummy formulated with nootropics and adaptogens to provide you with the perfect kick of energy to start your day and take action steps towards your goals, all while boosting your natural metabolic engine.

Rest PM Gummy
Supports restorative sleep and promotes a sense of calm

Got goals? Rest and recovery are the key to performing at your best. REST is a proprietary blend of powerful nootropics and adaptogens specifically formulated to calm the mind, relax the body, and promote the deep restorative sleep your body craves.

Mind and Body Bundle
essential mind and body nutrition
Formulated to work together for complete and essential Mind and Body wellness from the inside out. The benefits of taking Oola Mind and Oola Body together can’t be overstated. Combining Mind and Body can help provide a simple, well-rounded approach to staying healthy and energized. This high potency and effective combination can help give your mind and body the nutrients it needs to function optimally, while also supporting healthier stress levels, enhanced concentration, mental clarity and focus. When taken together, these supplements provide an all-in-one health and energy boost.

Oola Mind Blend
BE LIMITLESS. Oola Mind is a proprietary Mind + Body Lab Certified formula that includes essential brain-healthy multivitamins and minerals, seven powerful nootropics (brain food), and a Mind Blend of green tea extract and L-DMAE bitartrate. This innovative 3 layer combination supports mood, cognition, and mindfulness so that you can live your best life.*

Oola Body Blend
Oola Body is an advanced Mind + Body Lab Certified formula specifically designed to help your body reach its optimal performance. It contains essential multivitamins and minerals, seven powerful adaptogens, and a unique Body Blend of L-theanine, resveratrol, and black pepper extract. This unique combination helps to energize and nourish your body, allowing you to make the most of your life.*

the main tool I use to run my business on & offline
AttractWell supports you from startup to 7 figures and beyond.  It includes :
Contact Manager & CRM, Website & Funnels, Online & Offline Event Management, Courses & Private Communities, Email & Texting, Zoom, Lead Generation, Payments, An App For You & Your Clients, Automations, Membership Sites, Video Upload, & so much more!

client management software
Tools for the Modern Creative Professional: Proposals. Contracts. Payments. Clients Can Sign and Pay All From One Place.  Use this link for 20% off your first year! Honeybook has helped me streamline my systems for my clients.

domain registrar
Bluehost is one of the largest website hosting providers and powers millions of websites. This is the domain registrar I use.  Learn more about their secure and reliable hosting services today!

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