7 Unexpected Ways to Gain Energy Fast
We all need a burst of energy from time to time. Maybe you need to get through a long and boring afternoon at work. Or you might need an extra boost in the morning when you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. Whatever the case, there are lots of tricks you can use to get back on track again, without having to resort to extra cups of coffee or a handful of waistline-destroying donuts. 
Look at Things Differently
Have you considered getting a pair of orange-tinted sunglasses? It’s been medically proven blue light from screens can wear you out, which is why you feel tired when you’ve been sitting at your computer for a while. Orange-tinted glasses filter out the blue light, so it doesn’t affect you. Now you can get more done with less fatigue!
Here's another interesting fact: When we stare at screens, we rarely blink. This, too, can be energy-depleting. When we blink, we give our brains a break from concentration, which allows us a moment to recharge. So, if you need energy, a series of rapid blinks will wake you up quickly.
Try Tapping
Did you know you have a Thymus? Probably not. This is a spot on your body, just below your collarbone and right in the center of your chest. It's a hard spot of cartilage, so you'll know it when you press down a little. The thymus makes a certain kind of white blood cell which gives the body energy. If you tap gently on this spot for about 20 seconds while taking long slow deep breaths, you can stimulate the production of those cells to give yourself a little boost occasionally. Medical experts don't encourage doing this too often, but a couple of times a day won't hurt. 
Throw on Some Music
It’s a known fact we feel more energetic with peppy music. Changing up your playlist can help revitalize you quickly. Bonus points if you get up and dance.
Roll Your Face
Okay, this one might seem a little strange, but it does work. Jade facial rollers come from the ancient Egyptians. They have interesting benefits when it comes to reducing facial inflammation. The weird part? You'll feel more energized after using one, especially if you chilled it first in the freezer.
Get Chill
You’ve probably already discovered this one, but remember, a cold shower will also wake you up. 
When all else fails, maybe you do just need a few more minutes of sleep to feel your best. A power nap can make a huge difference in a very short time.


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